Some time ago one of our probes crash landed just outside Dublin, Ireland. Soon we discovered artist / toy designer, Michal Miszta residing there. So we had a little chat and look around…


Michal both customizes designer toys like you see on our website and he makes his own original designs.He is actually in the process of building robotic toys and by human standards, they are pretty cool! See arly prototyping of his animatronic dragon here.



Michal originally hails from Czestochowa, Poland. While toys were not ubiquitous in his life as a child, he found great inspiration from little sets of trains and lego technics he received, along with American GI Joes! Soon he began designing his own toys. 



His first toy designs were polymer clay figures based on Captain Planet and the Planeteers (a show he watched on German TV).  Eventually his interests in American pop culture and comics fueled his interest in customizing collector toys as an adult.

For five years, he’s been working mainly on the Dunny and Munny platforms by Kidrobot. Please see his Carl Munny custom based on Pixar’s “Up” and his Rocky Balboa Munny custom, which won 2nd place in the best movie reenactment category. Lately, he has ventured beyond the Kidrobot forms doing commission work on both Luke Chueh’s Target and Brandt Peter’s Wandering Misfits. The latter he is particularly keen on, “The Wandering Misfits (mini figures) really show how inspiring other platforms /shapes can be.” The Bat Bear custom is actually based on a painting by Luke Chueh by the same name while using Luke Chueh’s production toy “Target” so what you have here is a synthesis of Luke Chueh’s own work with Michal ’s hyper detailed touch. Bat Bear Target will be available for sale on Martian Toys shortly. If you’re interested in this piece or any other customs by Michal or another toy designer send us an email using our contact form

Feel free to learn more about Michal and his latest designs at - Be sure to tell him the aliens sent you there!

Greetings Earthling.
And welcome to our realm. Curious? 
So are we.  This is why we’re here — to uncover all the beautiful little things on this planet, mainly toys but pop surreal art and curios too. What is a curio? 
Well a curio is defined as "something (as a decorative object) considered novel, rare, or bizarre." Vinyl toys could fit into that category we know. Still to make things easier for an alien to classify or shopper to find on the site, the curio lounge is the place for all the cool little art things you may collect in addition to toys.
Humans and aliens will agree the site is off to a rather interesting start. In time, we hope to be the first place you go to find the bizarre, the beautiful and the unexplained.
We’re new to this planet (of toys) but we’ve been watching you for years and must confess we’ve amassed a pretty large menagerie of human artifacts quite surreptitiously — That’s what little green men do. Hey, you know that much at least! ; )
Relax. Look Around. Shop. We promise we come in peace. Never in pieces.