Zombear by Tom Bunk

$ 700.00

Tom Bunk is a legendary artist responsible for all those amazingly disgusting pieces of art riddled in every Mad Magazine, Garbage Pail Kid and Beyond.  He's the foundation of your derranged sense of art and has influenced countless artist in their pursuit of filling a single drawing with as many repulsive horrendous things as possible. 

   You know his work whether you realize it or not and we are absolutely through the roof that he took the time out of his busy schedule to participate in a show inspired by him.  In the 80s he solely created and illustrated a button line for Topps called Gross Bears and here we are absolutely blown away at his brand new painting of a new Gross Bear created specifically for the Who Cares Bears show.  This piece was fit in between Mad Magazine commisions as a fun break and we are so pumped Tom enjoyed creating this piece for us it's just unreal.  You can tell he had a blast.  

Pay your respects to the master and enjoy these killer sketches and possibly even take one or all home!

Piece comes framed 8"x10" wooden frame