LoveBugs - Drool Wool

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Love Bugs
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Title:  Daisy & Bee Are More Than Just Friends
by Maria Felipe Castro aka Drool Wool  /  @DroolWool
 Description: Daisy is feeling so happy today, if she wasn't stuck to the earth she'd be floating on air!When Bee landed on Daisy to collect her pollen they both felt that something inside had changed forever...
From that day Daisy eagerly waited Bee's arrival, and for some reason Bee
always felt butterflies in her belly before landing on Daisy.
Time went by and these strange feelings grew bigger and bigger.
Well, today Bee finally found the courage to let Daisy know about her feelings.
All I can say is that after today Daisy and Bee are no longer just friends! “
- Made of felt wool, needle felted.
H 5,91”
L 4,33”
W 2,36”