Love and Warren Talking Plush Cupid

$ 29.99
Is your love life so sad you have to laugh to keep from crying? Do you like plushies that are inappropriate? Well, we just happen to have a doll that gives bad love advice. Love & Warren presents to you a talking plush toy of Quincy Lightfeather, the angelic protagonist of the show and the Cupid responsible for America's 50% divorce rate. With a press of his wing, Quincy will share his over 3,000 years of relationship experience in 15 hilarious statements.
  • Features
    • 11.5 inches tall
    • Integrated lanyard for faux flying action (hang on your wall or bag)
    • Designed to sit desk, shelf, and most other places you can think of
    • Removable quiver doubles as a greeting card
    • WARNING: Mild adult humor! Not for the kiddies!