Devilo Erectus Silver - Mist

by Artoyz
$ 100.00

Artoyz Originals presents Devilo Erectus, the devilish new vinyl creation of Mist.

If the palette is bright with a juxtaposition of monochromes, so more refined than usual, we find the mythical fluid lines and angular spikes that make the signature of Mist. From the top of its 20 cm, Devilo Erectus pulls the fangs out (great classic at Mist) while revealing a softer look that we owe to this bright silver and the original lines that accompany it.

It is particularly noted with his tail, on which it rests, showing all the possibilities of unprecedented postures enhanced by many points of articulation.


  • Height : 20 cm
  • Packaging : Box
  • Designer : Mist
  • Limited Edition : 200
  • Producer : Artoyz Originals


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