Who Cares Bears

Care Bears? WHO CARES!!!
in the vein of Wacky Packs, Garbage Pail Kids, and Mad Magazine Mothership Toy Gallery is hosting the Toy roast of the beloved Care Bears after it's recent reimagining in the designer toy world.

Customizers, Bootlegers, DIY ToyMakers, Sculptors will be tearing apart these adorable bears and giving us a show of what their personal Care Bear would be. The Gross, the Demented, The Sickeningly Cute will all be had!

Special treat artists!

TOM BUNK of MAD Magazine, GarbagePailKids, and the Original Gross Bears Buttons will be making a new piece along with some original roughs from the Gross Bears set!

STEPHEN GEDDES, Sculptor from your favorite classic Kenner, Hasbro, American Greetings toys INCLUDING the ORIGINAL Care Bears toys from the 80s will be beating up some clay and creating his own new figure exclusive to the Who Cares Bears show!

It's going to be a night not to miss and tons of incredible art that you may not be able to wash from your memory no matter how hard you scrub! Lets tear apart a classic icon!

SATURDAY APRIL 21st 2018 6pm-10pm

223 W. Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19123

Online Sales begin 4/21 7pm at MARTIANTOYS.COM