MonsterBeachParty - Frankenscout Enamel Pins by Bruckaroni

$ 10.00
MothershipToyGallery x MartianToys Present:
July 28th 6pm - 10pm 
223 W Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Online Sales Live @ 7pm EST

 Meet Frankenscout!
Like all of us, Frankenscout had no choice when coming into this world and
unlike many of us he just can't seem to get past it. Frankenscout grew up
in Eerie, Campsylvania and has managed to scare his way to the top of the
Boil Scouts of America. No matter how hard he tries, he can't quite face
his fears to get the most elusive badge of all. The Fire Badge!
Frankenscout has a hard time making friends because of all the years of
shock and terror he has put the other scouts through. This has left him
feeling angry and lonely. Unlike all the other scouts, Frankenscout is
forced to choke down cold and stale smores which adds to his already
bitter mood. If only he could face his fears and learn to regulate his
emotions, maybe, just maybe he could make a friend to help him through the
daunting task of exposing himself to fire so he can experience all the
joys that comes with it. Until then he will continue longing for the Fire
Badge and friendship, which will continue to keep him from ever truly
feeling ALIVE!

Frankenscout loves the dark, electricity and taking the easy way out.

Frankenscout hates fire, people and being misunderstood.


Meet The Brownie of Frankenscout!
Just like Frankenscout, The Brownie of Frankenscout grew up in Eerie,
Campsylvania. Unlike Frankenscout, she has come into this world ready to
grab life by the bolts! She was originally created to be a friend for
Frankenscout however, after just one minute with him she couldn't handle
being around such a puss. The Brownie of Frankenscout is a charismatic,
hyper, ghoul with a knack for business. If you happen to cross her path
you better hope you have some strong will power or you'll end up with a
hearse full of cookies! While having big dreams and aspirations, she
understands the importance of stopping to smell the roses every once in a
while to help maintain her sanity. She'll never stop for too long though,
as she has her eyes on the prize and will stop at nothing to become the
Guinness world record holder for selling the most boxes of Ghoul Scout
cookies in a year.

The Brownie of Frankenscout loves talking, playgrounds and selling cookies.

The Brownie of Frankenscout hates debbie downers, bad hair days and braces.

The Brownie of Frankenscout is a 1.25" Soft Enamel Pin.


All pieces sold will be on display for the full duration of the show which is typically 3 weeks.