Yummy World Breezy & the Twists

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Meet Breezy & the Twists, the licorice candy plush twisting their way into your heart!  This 15-inch long bag of interactive licorice fun is one of the sweet newest additions to the Yummy World family of plush food characters.  Each of these licorice twists is removable, and strawberry scented.  As always they feature the signature Yummy World "googley" eyes and dashed smile.  Use this as a throw pillow to add some personality to your couch or bed, take some sweet and twisted selfies with this licorice crew and cuddle up with them tonight. Get the collectible Yummy World Breezy and the Twists Licorice Candy Plush now to add a new twist to your collection today!

This large Yummy World plush measures 15 inches long x 7 inches.