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MothershipToyGallery x MartianToys Present:
Yeti vs Alien
January 25th  6pm - 10pm 
314 East Girard Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19125
Online Sales Live @ 7pm EST
by:  CMJ Toys  / @cmj_toys
Gluttonous - Grey
5" tall x 7" deep
Kaijuology “GLUTTONOUS” Figurine
Gluttonous Bio:
Rampaging through the North American landscape crushing
everything in his path is the 200ft tall kaiju named
GLUTTONOUS.  Created during the Cold War era as apart
of the US military’s genetics weapons program,
GLUTTONOUS managed to escape and lived deep beneath
the Atlantic ocean for 60 years, growing in size and
strength. After awakening in 2017, GLUTTONOUS
has been feeding on anything organic. Possessing
thick invulnerable hide that can withstand damage from most
weaponry, as well as the ability to spew toxic corrosive bile
from his multiple stomachs, makes him a major threat to the
survival of the human race.

Additional Manufacturing Information:
Gluttonous was made in a limited production run of 26 figures in grey resin. The model kit will not be offered again in grey resin. The Gluttonous figure is a hand casted, unpainted action figure, DIY model kit. The figure is meant for adult collectors only, ages 18 and Up.

Production Credits:
Character Created and Designed by: Chris M Johnson
Sculpting by: Justin Blintz and Patricio Ruales Lopez
Painting by
Packaging Artwork by Josh Perez
Manufactured by: Vini Chav Art

All pieces held for duration of exhibition