Vomit Kid FastFoodRED Edition by OKEH x Mighty Jaxx

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    Welcome to Vomit Kid! What would you like to have today? Five barf-burger sets up-sized? Coming right up!
      Bleagh, sick! Have you ever eaten so much junk food that you wanna throw it all up? That is what Vomit Kid is about – a need for all the filth and unpleasantries in us to be expelled completely! A truly cleansing experience!

      In a red, yellow and white theme, Vomit Kid (Fast Food Red) reminds us of a familiar fast-food restaurant mascot. He is painted vanilla-milkshake-white with clown-like nose and lips, and chili-red hair to complete the look. Turn this bad boy around and you’ll find a smiley face imprinted on the back of his red t-shirt, reminding us of the happy mealtimes we had as kids at fast-food restaurants.

      And watch out for that blast of vomit! This time, his vomit is a transparent, oil-like gush, tying in with the concept of getting rid of all the oily junk that he has in his body! This is the first clear-vinyl vomit in the Vomit Kid collection.

      Vomit Kid (Fast Food Red) stands at 8", is made of vinyl, and comes with an iron-on patch to match. In a limited edition of 300 pcs only, this is a must-have for all Vomit Kid lovers! You gotta be lovin’ it!

      • 8" (20cm) Tall Soft Vinyl Art Collectible
      • Packed in PE Bag with Custom Card Header
      • Comes with a Matching Iron-On Patch
      • Limited Edition of 300 pcs

      Vomit is Clear Yellow vinyl, no fill like factory render!