TEQ63 DIY Agent Orange GID Blank by QUICCS x Martian Toys

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$ 50.00

Teq63 has taken the designer toy scene by storm.  Every release gone in seconds.  Not only is the figure a smash hit, but the platform itself has become one of the most popular to customize among artists. 

Series 2 is now releasing it's 3rd DIY colorway, AGENT ORANGE GID.  This Glow in the Dark ORANGE blank looks great unpainted but if used correctly some amazing glow affects can be achieved with your painted custom.  As with most TEQs, they come with extra set of arms.  These wont last long, so snatch em quick and get customizin! The platform has been showing so many great pieces and we can't wait to see more. 

  • DIY GID ORANGE Vinyl Blank
  • ~6 Inches Tall
  • Beautiful Roto Vinyl - no injected parts or resin
  • Two sets of Arms! (In Pockets and Open Air Style!)
  • Comes shrink wrapped for your sanity

Please note: We keep the price on the DIY editions low to say thank you to the Quiccs community and most crucially to support the less establish artists coming up.  If you buy these explicitly to flip and sell on eBay. You are hurting potentially the Quiccs! We are watching you... the community is watching you. The intention of the DIY releases is to support the younger customizers and the true Quiccs collectors.