Tako's Revenge 5" Dunny by Fakir x Kidrobot

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$ 30.00

Served at 5 inches tall, the Tako’s Revenge Dunny by French artist, Fakir is planning his revenge in this the limited edition red edition

“As a sushi addict I swore I would not trust these Sushiadvisors. ‘Best Chopsticks’ and all that corrupt crap! On my last trip to Japan, I decided to ask for sushi advice from an old fisherman who, for the record, smelled so strongly of fish that one might have wondered if he himself was from the depths of the sea. He recommended a restaurant in a neighborhood where I would not have usually gone by myself, warning me that this sushi restaurant was something atypical. But this time, I had a taste for adventure! He did not lie to me, indeed the atmosphere was very strange but not as much as the principle! Unlike a traditional chef who prepares his sushi in front of you, this place was different. It was only extremely odd that you were served as soon as that the last customer, having finished his meal, would have gone to the kitchen to meet the chef, under a barely lighted lantern which will be extinguished as soon as we will be served …”


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