Supermarket Besties by Tokidoki

$ 96.00

Start your day off right with the Breakfast Besties! These new additions to the Moofia family will brighten up your morning and get your tokidoki vinyl collection moo-vingalong. Each collectible figure is sealed in its own juice carton-shaped blind box, so opening them is a delightful surprise!

Hotty - The Hot Sriracha Sauce Bottle
Tommy Yum Yum - Tom Yum Soup in a cup!
Nasi Gogo - Nasi Goreng Rice
Ruby Ramen - The tastiest Ramen Noodles
Dough Boy - A dumpling!
Mr. Matchamoto - A Matcha bottled drink
Toki - Chocolate sticks
Punchy - Halo Halo Mix Drink
Kim Kimchi - Kimchi!!
Mei Mei - Take out Noodles