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Story Killers is a brand new series created by Stephane Levallois and Artoyz Originals celebrating our kids tales with a twist of blood.

Story Killers is a new collection we’re starting with French artist Stephane Levallois. Maybe you already know Stephane as we developped with him the Toxic Candies series. The collection is all about the Girl Power. Stephane Levallois retakes the female heroes of the childhood stories and he has imagined a twist in the scenario. The young girls are not hoping for the prince anymore, they get the job done by themselves to solve their problems… and sometimes it turns a bit violent.

The first Story Killers is Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (the Little Red Riding Hood) and she has killed the wolf by cutting its head and she wears it as a trophy on her head!

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge was sculpted in France by Etienne Aillaud aka Bombyx from the Stephane Levallois’ drawings.

*Available in All Black, Red Dress or Grey Dress


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