Shrympee - Blue Prawnee


$ 15.00

"For ages now, Shrympees have been regarded as a delicacy sent from the gods that only royalty had the privilege of eating. To be handled or consumed by those who were unworthy was considered a crime punishable by death. Today, thousands of Shyrmpees have been plucked from the oceans and conveniently packaged so that YOU too can have a taste of its magnificent meat. Eat like a king and enjoy the taste of Shrympees in a variety of exciting flavors!! Available now is the Blue Prawnee. Get them now before they become extinct!" 

Designed by David Chung (The Chung!!)
3 inch standing from head to tail. Vinyl.
Packed in Styrofoam cup nestled in noodles -paper noodled, of course.