SayItDon'tSprayIt! Row Row Row... by The Harshmellows

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$ 1,200.00

KonoÕs The Harshmellows Row row row your canoe gently down the anthropogenic, disgustingly dirty, and trash filled stream

When this piece showed up we were like YO! Who sent this big ass box?!?! and when we popped it open we couldn't believe the level of craftmanship that poured out all over the floor.

This piece is so incredibly well made, sculpted, painted, staged it's just a site to see.

Incredibly sturdy and absolutely COOL this piece takes "base" and diorama to a new level.

Taking the can and making it the "Vessel" was the challenge so to speak of the show and this couldn't be more spot on. Nice work.Ê APPLAUSE!

This piece ain't no joke!