Samurai Pumpkin 5inch Mini Qee

Jon-Paul Kaiser

$ 45.00

Jon Paul Kaiser

The warrior code, mysterious as it is dangerous, has exisited for thousands of years. One select group of warriors took that code to greater levels and had rich history of their exploits flourish around the globe...The Samurai. Toy2R is proud to announce the release of Jon-Paul Kaiser's 5 Inch Samurai Pumpkin Qee. This new scale Qee is the first in a new series of 5 inch Qees coming soon from Toy2R. With the fall holiday approaching and the dark, secretive nature of the Samurai, Toy2R thought it best to launch the series with a warrior perfectly suited for a mission as important as this. Each 5" Mini Qee wil come packaged in a window box, designed by Jon-Paul Kaiser, to show off the beauty of his design.