Quiccs Ultra Pack

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$ 1,500.00

Quiccs has been setting the designer toy industry aflame.  WIth release after killer release, a wide variety of typse of figures and swag, he's reached new levels of collecting and it's infected anyone that lays their eyes on his amazing set of characters, stories, illustrations, and customs. 

Among Martian Toys' releases of Teq63, Ravager, Pins, Prints and Patches we've also been working with Quiccs' other partners and making sure to be the number one source of the figures that have the scene talking.  Exclusive colorways, limited edition, sold out, whatever it is Quiccs we try to have it. 

With that said we've been doing our best to hold a few items for an instance such as this.  We've compiled all the Quiccs that we could to create a master pack if you will.  It is the most comprehensive current release package we could muster.  it's got everything a blossoming Quiccs fan could want to get started.  Not only sold out items either, we've also got a few early release figures and Con exclusives in this ultimate package that you can't get anywhere else.

Here's the LIST

  • Teq63 Fortress Black
  • Teq63 Fortress White
  • Teq63 DIY BLK
  • Teq63 DIY GID
  • Ukiuk Black
  • Ukiuk White
  • Ravager BLK
  • Ravager WHT
  • Anateq BLK
  • Anateq WHT
  • Sharko Robert Edition
  • Sharko Toxic Edition
  • Shin Zeta
  • Zeta Teq
  • Nano Teq McNano
  • Nano Teq EVA
  • Nano Teq Prime
  • Nano Teq Ballzee
  • Nano Teq Blank
  • Ravager MetalHeadz Prints x 3
  • Pinheadz Quiccs Enamel Pins x 10
  • Quiccs Flight Tags x 3
  • Quiccs Stickers x 10
  • Quiccs Patches x 3

With all these items you will be up on all that is Quiccs but that's not all.  With this package, you will be guaranteed availability to purchase any forthcoming Quiccs items for 12 months.  That's right.  No timers, no refreshing browsers or running to the booth first thing.  We've got one saved for you. 

It's a ridiculous amount of stuff in this one box here, but for someone who's been missing their chances, it still saves you TONS against aftermarket prices. 

No luck required to have all the Quiccs you want.  Just one click.