Poutine De Lux by MiAw Comic

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Poutine is a typical Canadian meal that originated in 1950 in the province of Quebec. French fries, Gravy and cheese curds, the best mix ever!

The Poutine De Luxe arrived on Earth in their tea cup and saucer in 1972 to ensure the contagion of the Poutine. They reported the Poutine had spread throughout Canada, but instead of creating chaos, it helped humans feel the friendship between them and their stomach.

The Poutine De Luxe from Miawcomic is served in a tea set from the 70's when the color yellow and brown were the coolest thing. Each fries and curds are hand sculpted / painted. They are bathed in a delicious resin gravy. This is why each Poutine De Luxe are very unique.