PLUSHtheLIMITS - Sprinkles the Uni-Pillar by Mimmokie Monsters

Martian Toys

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Sprinkles, is she a unicorn or a caterpillar? Paler, un-natural colours, and a pearly white horn, these forest caterpillars tend to live in forests with concentrated amounts of fairy populations. These forest caterpillars eat high amounts of fairy mushrooms, which causes this particular mutation. Like the other forest caterpillars, Sprinkles likes the occasional sweet treat, gum drops are her favourite.

Materials Used-   This is a handmade, unique, art doll. The face/claws/paws are original sculpts, cast in resin, then hand painted. All resin parts are sealed with a few layers of clear coat. The body is made with soft faux fur, stuffed with polyfill and fine glass beads to give realistic weight, and for easy sitting. All caterpillars have a plastic ball joint spine for full poseable positions. All dolls come with a tag, hand signed by me.