PLASTIK SURGERY Handbook by Lunartik

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PLASTIK SURGERY Handbook Level 1.
Illustrated Workshop Guide to help you create resin cast designer figures, Level .1.

Written & Illustrated by Matt Jones 2015.

  • Learn the Trade Secrets from a Real Toy Designer!
  • Train to become a Master Toy Surgeon!
  • Create your very own resin cast Custom Designer Figures!

This workshop guide is a “Level .1.” handbook, which means that it was written especially for beginners. 
You don’t have to know anything at all about resin casting or the toy industry. All you need to get started
is simply an idea, and this handbook will show you how to turn that idea into a reality.

- If you’ve always wanted to create your very own figures, either for pleasure or for profit (or both!)
but just didn’t know how, this guide shows you exactly how to do it.

- If you’re just curious about the resin toy casting process or if you just need a push to get started
with your own actual resin toy production, then this handbook is for you.


At over 20 pages, this guide is packed with tons of useful information and illustrations. Covering all the
basics of the “one part” silicone tooling method from start to finish, this book will have you up and running
in no time, and you’ll soon be on your way to creating/casting your own custom designer figures!

Comes with a free clear protective grip seal Wallet!