Noupa Series Figures by David Horvath

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*Noupa is a sanitation pilot. He spends his days and nights keeping the streets clean with the help of his robot backpack...and best buddy...Gel. Noupa and Gel keep the streets of their city clean and safe from stinky trash. While going through some extra mysterious garbage, they come across an order for thousands of Super 7.5 bots. An order for so many Super 7.5 bots can only mean one thing...Security Monkey is planning to take over the city by order of the President! Noupa must seek out the hidden forces of nature and come up with a plan! Oooh!

*Noupa is a heroic garbage man who organizes a small underground movement against the evils of Super 7.5 robots in a struggle of nature VS commerce. 

16 characters available from the Series.