Nappy Time Bear by Fluffy House

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Lifting his powerful arms, this curious bear baby looks strong and muscular. Yet, look at his chubby face and and his lovable cocoa skin tone! This baby must be the most unexpectedly cute character ever in Fluffy House.

Recently, his waist is getting thicker and thicker. He has changed a brand new nappy in LARGE size to suit his chubby waist XD ! Doesn’t he look much more adorable with the new nappy?

He eats anything you eat, he plays whatever you play and he sleeps whenever he needs. This baby bear is good at melting your heart unconsciously! His name is Nappy Bear!

Material: Vinyl
Nappy Bear 2.3 inch
Mini Ordinary bear 1.2 inch

*Each set contains a Nappy Bear and a mini Ordinary Bear
*Nappy Bear with movable head and arms