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$ 100.00

As a main producer of Quiccs vinyl toys, we've been keeping a secret stash of releases.  These highly sought after, usually sold out toys are often only available in high prices through bidding sites or aftermarket sales.  We are offering up our private cache of Quiccs figures in MYSTER BAG form.  Each bag of either price point will contain Limited, Sold Out, or Early Release figures along with other killer designer vinyl from the top brands in the industry. 

Mystery Bags are available in 2 price points $100 & $200  and limited to the amount of remaining figures in our inventory which is below 30 bags in total.  This may be your last chance to get some of these figures, or the opportunity to be the first to catch the next Quiccs figure. 

By purchasing a MYSTERY BAG you have the chance to get:

  • Teq63 Fortress Black
  • Nano Teq EVA
  • Zeta Teq
  • Ravager BLK
  • Sharko Toxic Edition
  • Teq63 DIY BLK
  • Nano Teq Prime
  • Ukiuk Black & White
  • Teq63 Fortress White
  • Ravager WHT
  • Anateq Black & White
  • Sharko Robert Edition
  • Nano Teq Ballzee
  • Shin Zeta
  • Teq63 DIY GID
  • Nano Teq McNano
  • Ravager MetalHeadz Prints Red, Blk, Camo
  • Pinheadz Quiccs Enamel Pins
  • Quiccs Flight Tags
  • Quiccs Stickers
  • Quiccs Patches

PLUS a ton of other vinyl figures From Kidrobot, Super 7, UVD, MartianToys, JLedbetter, Simpsons, Rick&Morty, Touma, DeadZebra, and more...


Bags will be packaged at random, sealed, and fulfilled blind to keep fair.  No more than 2 Extra Special Items in any 1 bag in order to spread the wealth. These are not Bags of Quiccs figures, they are quiccs focused with curated designer vinyl accompanyment. 

Good luck and no Returns on any Mystery purchase