Mr. Business-The Intergalactic Salesman by Lab Monkey Number 9

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      This is Mr. Business, and he means it.  He's given up bligvarking to focus on his career as a sklibmank salesman serving the northen plibnizsk territory.  Things were going great, and then Tormil passed a blaz and has been hospitalized for weeks.  They said it was all his poor eating habits on the road.  Makes Mr. Business think about his own eating habits.  Now he's had to take over Tormil's route and he couldn't be more uncomfortable.  It's MUCH farther south than he's used to.  Oh well, a quota is a quota.  If he can get the bonus this year he's gonna use the extra krizzles to buy a phizkin so he and his wife can travel the MilkDud Nebula.  He just hopes she wont invite her best friend Skozbaf, he's always hangin around and she talks about him too much for his liking. 

Along with two points of magnetic articulation and a briefcase, Mr. Business also comes in three extraterrastrial colorways:

Unicorn Vomit,Twilight Zone, and Retro Galaxy

The lab's materials include: urethane resin, uv pigment, glitter (all resin colouring with silver paint details)

open edition

Words don't do anything when it comes to Lab Monkey Number 9s work.  The casting is so clean and precise, the colors are all done using UV pigmented resins, and the concepts are just so uniquely LM9 that it fits perfectly in any collection of vintage, retro, modern, bootleg, resin, kaiju toys.  The techniques he uses truly boggle the mind and you can just stare at his work for hours trying to figure out exactly how'd he do that eh? 

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