Mortimer the Mortician by Brant Peters x Artoyz

by Artoyz
$ 55.00

Designed by the heads of the US collective Circus PosterusKathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. Since the exhibition« Carnaval des Spectres » we’ve been working really hard to improve the sculpts and offer you now these masterpiece of Mortimer the Mortician by Brandt Peters and Oliver the Bat Boyby Kathie Olivas.

From Artoyz and Award winning toy designer, Brandt Peters, comes an all new scaled up” limited edition” adaption of his classic narwhal, Mortimer the Mortician. This undertaker originated from Peters’ long sold out Carnies mini-series. Mortimer comes equipped with his trusty straight razor and his favorite bottle of Toxico, embalming fluid. Mortimer the Mortician – keeping stiffs in Caskets since 1932…


  • Height : 16 cm
  • Packaging : Box
  • Designer : Brandt Peters (USA)
  • Limited Edition : 200 pcs
  • Producer : Artoyz Originals (France)