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MothershipToyGallery x MartianToys Present:
Love Bugs
Feb 23rd 6pm - 10pm 
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Title:  CuttleByte: Deep Ocean
by Andrew Heffron  /  @LabMonkeyNumber9
 Description: Handmade Resin figure.  Magnet articulated, made from mashup toy parts and original sculpt.  ZERO paint, all resin colored. 
Highly Blacklight Reactive
Labmonkey Number 9 never fails to impress.  This incredibly intricate piece was created using 11 different flawless molds, all colored with resin and is quite the handful.  Rarely does one get to gaze upon such resin wizardry.  For those who know about the processes, LMN9 is always something to drool over.  For those who don't, hopefully your brain doesn't melt while you stare at this beautiful piece of art.

 In the dead of night, the Cuttlebytes creep out of the murky depths of the ocean! Skuttling along the moonlit beach, they find their sleeping human victims! Mounting their chests, the Cuttlebyte's 14 spiky toes, dig into the soft flesh, hooking in for the feast.The under belly bionics, start to hum, and they collect the individual's energy and convert it into raw electricity!

 When two male Cuttlebytes encounter each other, they must fight to the death! A battle consists of a fierce dance competition and a flashing of body colours! The one with the brightest skin pattern and best moves, wins!

 During mating season, the older males will pretend to be females to completely confuse the randy young males! Never trust a Cuttlebyte, for they are sneaky and mischievous!

All pieces sold will be on display for the full duration of the show which is typically 3 weeks.