Mini Chaos Bunnies

Joe Ledbetter

$ 14.00

Introducing the Chaos Minis a new mini-figure set created and designed by artist Joe Ledbetter and produced by The Loyal Subjects. Try your luck at the 12 different Chaos Bunny designs, each standing about 4-inches tall and come in blind box packaging.  Throw a little chaos into your world!

•Each Display contains 16 Bunnies - maybe some elusive CHASE Figures will come in yours!  Chase Figures are 1/17, 1/24, 1/48 and 1/96

•Designed and Created by Joe Ledbetter

•Produced, Manufactured and Distributed by The Loyal Subjects

•Stands at least 4" tall

•Some articulation

•Includes unique accessories

•Hula Bunny includes a spring mid section for maximum hula action and adhesive pad on feet

•Major deco ops and great details

•Ships Now!