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Title: Dung and in Love, a poo love story
by: David Bruckaroni / @bruckaroni
a custom 4.5" [with the horn] Teddy Trooper, an original poo ball sculpt
standing at about an inch tall and an original tree stump sculpt (standing
at about 2 1/4" tall)

This is how their story goes.

One day, Ferguson The Dung Beetle was out for a stroll and spotted
Princess Petunia of Dungworth, that's PP for short, in the wild. Ferguson
had never seen such majestic beauty before. He had the lovebug itch and he
had it BAD! He immediately began rolling the biggest ball of poo he had
ever rolled. When he brought it to the Princess she laughed and said "I
only roll with the finest poo. Add that common poo to the pile with the
rest of them and be gone!" Ferguson was devastated and swore he would
never love or roll poo again. As days turned to months, Ferguson was
completely joyless and lethargic. Just when Ferguson thought he couldn't
go on living anymore, the clouds parted and shone down a light on the
finest pile of poo he had ever seen. At that very moment Ferguson came to
the sudden realization that if he couldn't be with the one he loved, there
was nothing stopping him from being with the one he's with. Ferguson began
rolling his first poo in months. Little did he know that this little poo
would change him for the rest of his life. He poked some eyes and drew a
smile into that little bundle of joy and decided to name him Turdsley. He
goes by Turd for short. Things were really looking up for Ferguson now.
Turdsley and Ferguson were often spotted peering into one another's souls.
Ferguson said, "I only have eyes for poo," and swore Turdsley would repeat
back "I was made for you." It was never quite clear if Ferguson had
suffered a mental breakdown or if Turdsley actually did come to life that
day. One thing is for sure, the two of them lived crappily ever after. As
for Princess Petunia, she was out lounging in her swimming pool (toilet)
and someone came along and gave her the royal flush! Never to be seen
again. The End