Lil' Scoopy (Watermelon Flavor) by Nouar

$ 29.00

Lil' Scoopy by Nouar is the fun loving ice cream sundae pal who usually rides with Mister Self Indulgence. Martian Toys is giving you the chance to collect various flavors of Lil' Scoopy individually for just $29. First there was the Macha Green Tea flavor released in Thailand which is sold out or very hard to find... then there was the classic cool Orange Cream (available on Martian Toys) separately and starting July 4th at 7:04PM eastern you can get one of the coolest Lil' Scoopy flavors — Watermelon! Yum! This sundae has the watermelon seeds intact and even the cup itself looks like a real watermelon rind! 

  • Over 4 Inches tall
  • Vinyl figure
  • Start collecting all the flavors today...
  • Shipping beings late August 2018.