Lil' Scoopy Neapolitan by Nouar x Martian Toys

$ 29.00

Nearly as iconic as Red, White & Blue, Martian Toys brings the last flavor of Lil' Scoopy by Nouar to this Independence Day weekend.  NEAPOLITAN!

Feed your sweet tooth for the top 3 flavors in ice cream history with the classic and unforgettable Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate Lil Scoopy!  This is the last flavor so snag him up and complete your collection!


Lil Scoopy is the fun loving ice cream sundae pal who usually rides with Mister Self Indulgence. Martian Toys is giving you the chance to collect various flavors of Lil' Scoopy individually for just $29.

  • Over 4 Inches tall
  • Vinyl figure
  • Last in the collection!
  • Start collecting all the flavors today...