Huggly Bear by ShadowWorkArt

Martian Toys

$ 140.00

Little Kimberly's parents finally let her paint her room. They told her it could be any color she wanted so she chose her favorite — red. Her parents did most of the work but they let Kimberly help. She wanted to let her teddy bear help too, but her parents said that teddy bears aren't very good at painting.
After they'd finished painting, they ate dinner and went to sleep. That night, Huggly Bear came to life. He resented Kimberly's parents and wanted to show them that he WAS good at painting. Oh yes, he would show them...
He saw that they had painted over some nails so he removed them from the wall and filled the holes and started painting over them. That's all. It ended up looking pretty good too. Good Job, Huggly Bear.

  • Platform - 4 inch Munny
  • Customized with Super Sculpey and painted with acrylics
  • *No moving/detachable parts 
  • ***Nails are not removable. Besides, if you tried to take them from him, he'd probably snuggle with you.