Hellraiser by Shoné

Mighty Jaxx

$ 99.00

Hellraiser by Serbian artist SHONE is part of the OnePercent Series but is 1001% cool. This 8 inch sculpted piece is limited to 200 pieces worldwide. Martian Toys is one of the few u.s. retailers who managed to acquire a few before they just disappeared. 

Nenad Dodic (Shoné) is a graphic designer, illustrator and sculptor from southeastern Europe. He draws his inspiration from music, comic books, old cartoons and video games. He creates characters that are a bit marginalized like bikers, boxers and gang members. He had several solo and group exhibitions and was a participant in numerous art festivals. He made his toy debut with Mighty Jaxx with a Hellraiser figure, part of One Percenter collection.

One Percenters are characters inspired with marginalized motorcycle gang members. They are both tough and fun. Fists, bruises, tattoos and skulls make those characters look like they have been through hell. First sculpture is called Hellraiser.