Hambuddha BuddCafe Edition by Tik Ka From East x Mighty Jaxx

$ 175.00
"One must be able to forgive bad latte art in order to achieve inner peace" – Hambuddha (Buddcafe)

From the brilliant mind of Hong Kong artist Tik Ka From East, comes Hambuddha, originating from his "Eat Good West" painting series. Buddcafe is the latest colorway to the sold out and highly sought after Hambuddha, inspired by sophisticated modern cafes.

Hambuddha may look like a regular Buddha sculpture from the back, with a halo around his head, but turn him around and you'll be surprised! He holds a pearl-shaped cuppa cuppuccino in his hand and sits in a single lotus position on a gloriously golden lotus throne. He dons a cool black robe that makes him oh-so-brunch-ready.

  • 8" Tall
  • Edition of 20
  • Vinyl


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