Glenn Barr's Faces

Glenn Barr

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A compilation from Detroit-based Glenn Barr featuring details from 80 paintings and drawings created over the last decade.


Inspired by the complex expressions and raw emotions revealed by faces, Barr invokes the human condition, creating a multitude of personalities ranging from extraordinarily common to extreme and fantastic. Barr uses pencil and brush to render elegant and elongated necklines, exaggerated eyes, and the gentle or jagged slopes shaping the noses or foreheads of the men, women, and monsters he creates, whether they are beautiful, ordinary, or even grotesque. Expressed in the intricate details of each image, Barr presents a delicate mix of texture, color and line typical of his loose but carefully executed style.


Faces brings each reader one step closer to experiencing first-hand the compelling minds and interesting characters found in the world of Glenn Barr. Turn the page to reveal subtle or manic emotions of the wise, the wicked and the wistful.


"Glenn Barr's robots, creatures, and vixens live in a seedy, yet swinging' 1960s universe, drenched in the haze of a post industrial hangover." - La Luz de Jesus


Glenn Barr began his career as a contributor to graphic novels, animated cartoons, rock poster art and a variety of other lowbrow ephemera during the 1980s and 1990s. Recognition for his paintings came with solo exhibitions in the late 1990s and beyond at CPop Gallery in Detroit, Michigan, and in Los Angeles, California, at the legendary La Luz de Jesus Gallery. Since then, he has exhibited internationally and published compilations of his work in Lowlife Paradise (2003) and Haunted Paradise (2006), both of which draw on his artistic visions from the last two decades.


Hardcover, paper over board

80 color and b&w illustrations

6 x 6 inches

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