Ghost Land Blindbox by Super7

by Super7
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$ 9.99
Ghost Land is a first for the mini-series format in several ways, and once again reinforces Super7's reputation of reinventing the genre in their own style, as well as pushing the envelope of technical manufacturing.

Designed by Brian Flynn, the Ghost Land series is 5 different characters, Peg Leg, Bump, Six-Gun, Blowfish and Working Stiff that have taken on the aspects of their personality that led to their demise. Varying from 2.5"-3" tall and available in four ghostly colors, translucent yellow, translucent orange, translucent blue and translucent grey and made in Japan (not China) these are the first price point Japanese translucent vinyl figures ever made. Adding to the over the top quality control, each figure is packaged in a printed tin box, as opposed to cardboard, that you can open and close to avoid the blind box blues. Perforated display flats finish the experience, giving a little bit of Ghost Land for display in every store. Each flat is a complete set of 20 figures, guaranteeing complete sets instead of uneven packs in each flat.