“George’s Halloween Portrait" Vinyl Art Toy by Tara McPherson x Martian Toy

$ 250.00


Martian Toys is proud to present our newest collaboration with acclaimed artist Tara McPherson just in time for the All Hallow’s Festivities

"George’s Halloween Portrait”

based of Tara’s 2007 painting of similar title has come to life for a night of fun haunting

George’s beautifully sculpted bust stands 10” holding positionable 4” Balloon Ghost friends Mr. Wiggles, totaling approximately 12.5”w x 12”h.   Each piece hand painted to perfection and packaged in a premium rigid box adorned with Tara’s original painting

George is in his final stages of production and will be delivering Q1

*All photos are of actual piece, not 3D Render. They are so close to shipping we just couldn’t miss this spooky Halloween!