GAROT & VITTA Street Mask Series By J.T Studio

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Street Mask:

In these street that fills with countless hypocrites there are two clans, one is those who fights for their dreams, the “Crazy D”; And the other that seek to destroy their dreams, the “Night M.” had commenced a street battle of light and darkness.

“Crazy D.” The fanatics that follows their own dreams, and each being the best in their field of expertise in street style. They formed the “Crazy D” and sworn to protect the dreamers that pursue their dreams.

“Night M.” They wore mask so no one will know who they are, jealous and envy of the people that are better than them, they strike and break their achievement and dreams with despicable ways in the dark just to fulfill their own selfish desire.

Underground Fighting is ruthless fight club in East street. Attracting fighters around the globe to join the fight. Garot is a nature born fighter, he indulges himself with fighting techniques from around the world to strengthen his own to the point that he joined Underground Fighting (UF). Upon claiming victory from the UF, he received the ultimate title – the APE – GT mask.