Forgot the Helmet (facepalm) by Eric Clement

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A Canadian Space travelling adventurer who has seen better days.

(5" tall cast resin with some hand painted detailing)

I have been working as a Painter for the past 5 years and began working based off of toys and figures as reference for my pieces. As i researched  more and more i started discovering the wealth of custom and bootleg work around and became absolutely fascinated. I became obsessed with trying my hand at it. These are the first two toys i have made from sculpt to casting and i have had a blast. I have to say thanks to everyone involved who fielded many of my questions and really showed me how rad the community of Toy artists are! - Eric


If you haven't checked out Eric's painting you should certainly make some time to and follow his DIY toymaking even closer.  For anyone to get that good at painting, and already be this on point with toymaking on their first two figures, you know big things are coming as he hones in.  Keep watch!