Dunkey Skulkey Tattoo Figures by Coolrain Lee & Novo

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Korean toy designer wunderkind, Coolrain Lee teams up with esteemed tattoo artist, Novo to create Dunkey Skulky Tattoo Figures. Choose either Red or Gold or both! Limited to edition of 300 each and Martian Toys managed to secure a few of each. Don't sleep on getting one!

Dunkeys Skulkey Tattoo Gold is a collaboration work with Coolrain, Seman10cm, Grafflex and Novo. 
Only 300 limited edition units are produced. 

About Coolrain 
Coolrain transforms lifestyle and culture of the youth into his figures. The figurine does not represent a certain model but, stands as a completely unique character with its own originality and distinction. His work represents various topics in a series. International and domestic brands such as Nike, NBA, Cinelli, Puma, Converse, Mvio(Samsung), LG, Motorola, Aparoject, T-Level and many more collaborated with him in different approaches .

About Novo
Novo is a gifted artist who turns objects, drawing and tattooing into various forms of art. He is motivated by his childhood sketches and drawings and everyday experiences with objects that surrounded him in his childhood and turns them into artwork by pouring new meanings into them. He worked on many body art projects with celebrities such as Hyori Lee, Hyuk-O, and Hyojin Gong and worked on many collaborative projects with brands such as Nike, Gentle, Monster, MCM, Jinny Kim and many more and these projects made him a familiar character among the enthusiasts.

  • ~ 8 Inches Tall
  • Limited Edition of 300 Worldwide per color
  • 5 point of articulation
  • Includes basketball and bench accessory
  • Meticulously produced