Dia De Los Stickers V.2


$ 10.00

Artist Series #4, Featuring the art of Jose Pulido


Ladies and Gentlemen, We present to you the hugely anticipated, ultra coveted and highly extraordinary, Dia De Los Stickers Version 2!


Dia De Los Stickers Version 1 Sold out faster than Heisenberg's latest Cook. Version 2 is now available for your Sticker-Slapping Pleasure.


Stickers are "Day of the Dead" inspired representations of our most beloved pop culture heroes, hand picked and custom illustrated by our friend Jose Pulido.


Each pack contains 10 stickers printed on clear vinyl- Doubles of each of 5 pop culture characters, including Walter White, Wonder Woman, A storm Trooper, Bart and of course... The Dude.


As always, the stickers are silkscreened with the highest quality materials available.


Size: Large Stickers

Quantity: 10 Unique Stickers per Pack

Artist: Jose Pulido