DEREK 1/6th scale Batman Action Figure by JT Studios

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JT Studios has set the world ablaze with his interpretations of these two classic superhereos.  Tearing down their do good personas and out dated style, JT has created a fresh, fierce and fully articulated 1/6 set of super hero rivals that are absolutely killer.  Featuring full poseability, click swap faces, multiple hands, real clothing, an array of killer accessories and stand PLUS LED Light up eyes!  These are no joke and now that the preorder is closed, the availability of this figures is dwindling fast.  Offered individually or as a set they are an instance boost to any collection.

Here's the story so far...

Ray & Derek are professional Boomerang players. They kept working and grinding in order to appear on the international stages.On the day of their achievement awards, their images were out shined by news headlines and titles of superheroes saving the world. Anger and Jealousy had then took them over. They knew they would have to regain their attention from the world. In order to do so, they decided to transform into superheroes that do evil deeds. From then, their dreams had been devoured by the force of Night M…

Each figures stands roughly 30cm tall and comes with this list of extras:

Derek (Batman)

  • JT Body fully articulated x1
  • LED Head x1
  • Secondary Interchangeable Face x2
  • Leather Holsters  x2
  • Cape x1
  • Shirts x1
  • Coat x1
  • Pants x1
  • Sock x 2
  • Shoes x2
  • Utility Belt x1
  • Interchangeable Hands x6
  • Boomerang x2
  • High:30 cm
  • LED illuminated eyes (requires 2 AG1 batteries, not included).
  • Stand x1
  • Designed packing box x1

These figures are incredible.  Every detail accounted for and in great quality.  Both figures are of limited quantity of 399 Worldwide.  Martian Toys was able to get a small amount which are ready to ship

Purchase individually or save on buying the set.  Once you see these in person you wont be able to live without the pair.