"Bobby" by ANATOY & 6 Designer Sneakers sold separately... : )


$ 60.00

Fresh from a recent trip to Seoul, Korea please meet


At the pinnacle, anyone would lose interest in their work.
“Bobby” was a marathoner at the top of the tree. One day he watched a sprint race and began dreaming of a sprinter.

He had an excellent endurance for running a marathon, but badly lacked speed.
He met ANATOY and got a pleasant suggestion at the moment he felt helpless and frustrated.

This toy smashes any preconceived notions of what you may think defines a designer toy. Put down your Kaiju or your super deforms or your smooth & dumbs and consider for a second a toy with personality and narrative! The designers at ANATOY have something pretty special here. Bobby represents the first in a new wave of modular art toys. Be on the lookout for exciting variants and more accessories in the near future.

check out slick sneakers sold separately or a one cool completist set!

  • ~5.8 Inches Tall
  • 9 points of modularity!
  • ABS and PVC 
  • Solid / Well thought out design
  • 6 pair of designer sneakers so your toy can be a sneaker head too!