ASTRO GAKI 2pack 1/6 Scale Figure by JT Studio

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Taiwan-based J.T Studio injects its signature street style into 1/6 versions of characters drawn from legend and popular culture.  For their most recent release, lead designer Jei Tseng has created Astro Gaki, a riff on the legendary Astro Boy manga/anime character.

As is their tradition with new projects, J.T Studio has developed two Astro Gaki figures: ND.01 (None Dream) and WM.02 (Weaponized). ND.01 features the traditional, classic colors while WM.02 counters with a darker, colder black and robotic blue edition. From the jerseys and shorts to the shoes and the backpack, Astro Gaki impress with smart and stylish street fashion. Both editions include light-up LEDs in the eyes, ‘Error’ chest panels and blaster hands. Thanks to a clever, magnetic connector the light-up feature in the blaster hands works with and without the outer hands. 

ND.01 is designed as a product for parents that did not achieve their own dream and wishes their child to follow their lost dream. Like becoming a doctor, a high achiever, and etc.

Thus getting the name [None Dream] ND.01 Prototype is made in the image of a normal 10 year old boy. During development, the researcher programmed him to protect everyone, thus equipping some firepower in the body structure.

ND.01 chest have an LED display screen to display his current status, whenever the screen shows ERROR, it will forcefully activate its assault mode.

※ According to the lab’s computer classified folder, there is an earlier model ND.00, ND.00 is a human 10 year old boy that act as the lab professor H936 white rat.

Base on the report found, ND.00 body have been operated on countless time and 80% of his body and bones are merge with complicated receptor and metal, with a 48 G processor implanted to the brain, even the heart had been replaced by machinery.

Further data of the report had been deleted from server.


WM.02 is a weaponised version of ND.01 that is handled by the government, the firepower added on is 150 times of ND.01. During a weapon test, the army researcher tries to implement high volume of nuclear energy into WM.02

which causes the an overload and the whole lab blacked out. After reactivating WM.02 system, the display screen on his chest shows ERROR

the army tried to fix and reprogrammed but failed, leading to armed suppression. Which causes WM.02 to destroy the lab and goes missing.

※ WM.01 had been disposed due to failure in modification, all functioning parts have been salvage and added onto WM.02.

Product Features

  • 1/6 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Limited Edition of 399 pieces
  • Highly articulated
  • Stylized design

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