Arcane Divination Clarevoyant 8" Dunny by JRYU

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$ 125.00
  • designed by J*RYU
  • limited to 500 pieces in this teal color
  • 2 pieces included: one 8" Dunny and one 3" Dunny, as pictured
  • boxed as pictured
  • produced by Kidrobot

So what's this all about? Read the excerpt of Kidrobot's interview with Jesse (J*RYU) below:

KR: What was your inspiration for The Clairvoyant 8-inch Dunny?

JRYU: The Clairvoyant was conceived at the same time as the upcoming Arcane Divination 3″ Dunny series, and thus, needed to fit tonally into the concept of that series’ theme of tarot and mysticism.  It seemed fitting that the larger dunny platform would be perfect as a centerpiece for the smaller designs, and from there, we knew that a fortune teller concept would be perfect to coalesce everything together.  After submitting a few different concepts, Kozik and the Kidrobot design team picked what would eventually become the Clairvoyant.  In addition to the eventual final design, some of the other designs I submitted were of a “Zoltan” type of fortune teller (like from the movie “Big” as well as a hooded and veiled female fortuneteller that was sculpted as a relief on the front of the form, with intricate constellation-type elements.   Ultimately in retrospect, we made the right design decision – despite the difference in size between the Clairvoyant and the 3″ series, they all share a similarity in feel and execution, which was a critical aspect for me in ensuring a cohesive link between the two releases.

KR: Can you explain the design elements of this release?

JRYU: There are many symbolic elements that I tried to incorporate into this piece while keeping in mind that I wanted it to be a spritual successor to the “It’s a F.A.D.” that was released last year.  Sticking with the gothic style that I incorporate into much of my work, I wanted it and the FAD to be complimentary but at the same time, have the Clairvoyant be a natural evolution in terms of the the sculpt.  With the concept of fortune telling and divination in mind, I made an attempt to bring together multiple ideas and forms into one complete idea

The skull nestled amongst the petals of a blooming flower symbolizes the notion that as humans, the point in which we feel we have enough wisdom and experience to make sense of our lives, it is usually near the end. The ears and arm designs featuring wrought iron decorative elements frame a garden of flowers, symbolizing the notion that we try to make sense of our futures within the constraints of conventional and societal thinking..The Eye of Providence-type of symbol on the belly is reference to often relying on divine insight or faith. The snake eating it’s own tail on the back (Ouroboros), represents the introspection of one’s self and the cyclical notion of man’s quest for meaning.  The icons and runes on the back of the head are traditional symbols associated with tarot and divination, tying into the 3″ series.  Lastly, the motto I adopted for the two projects – “Live on time, emit no evil”, is featured on the back.  The phrase is a palindrome and can be read forwards and backwards, and basically encapsulates a simple answer to those who seek meaning in the unknown – make the best use of the time you have in your life and don’t do harm .