All Seeing Moose Eye by Lab Monkey Number 9

Martian Toys

$ 75.00

In search of a mystical power, a young eager moose, travels a great distance to find the Ancient One.
By giving up one of his eyes, the humble moose gained the ability to see into the future!
Shortly after returning to his clan, a horrible vision comes to him!
Ted Nugent hiding in the bushes, aiming a bow and arrow at his head!
In an effort to escape his now known death, they decided to retreat to Moose Knuckle Island for all of eternity.
After passing a lengthy screening process, one visitor per year, is allowed to visit The All Seeing Mooseye, where he will tell you your unfortunate FUTURE!

The All seeing Moose Eye is a spectacular original sculpt from the Monkey himself and is presented in an initial three one off colorways in LMN9's signature resin pour painting.

Jumbo Machinder, Snow Storm, Chocolate Marmalade

The lab's materials include: urethane resin, uv pigment, glitter (all resin colouring with silver paint details)

open edition


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