ANATOY by Anatoy

$ 70.00

Fresh from a recent trip to Seoul, Korea please meet

This toy smashes any preconceived notions of what you may think defines a designer toy. Put down your Kaiju or your super deforms or your smooth & dumbs and consider for a second a toy with personality and narrative! The designers at ANATOY have something pretty special here. Bobby represents the first in a new wave of modular art toys. Be on the lookout for exciting variants and more accessories in the near future.

check out slick sneakers sold separately or a one cool completist set!

  • ~5.8 Inches Tall
  • 9 points of modularity!
  • ABS and PVC 
  • Solid / Well thought out design
  • 6 pair of designer sneakers so your toy can be a sneaker head too! 

ANATEQ  by Artist Quiccs out of the Philippines.  Hottest artist in the scene collaborating with one of the freshest toy designers Anatoy. Available in White and Black
Owangeboy by artist Kong Andri debuts now and will ship in October along with ANATEQ. 
Bobby 200%  is a supersized soft vinyl of the original Anatoy character. He stands 30 cm (12 inches)  tall !  
Bobby OG - the character that started it all. No collection is complete without him.
The rest of the Lineup:
ANATOY researcher “ALVIN” is a complex master who transplants ANATOY
complex-overcoming items into his body to test their side effects before they are delivered to clients. He is our first ANATOY.
ANABUSTER” is a combination of five characters of Punkbusters, an art toy of Korea. The concept of this toy is various characters in one body of Anatoy.
This is possible because the Anatoy is split into 12 pieces.
ANTHONY” has severe stage fright. When he stands in front of an audience,
he gets extremely nervous and sweats a lot like feeling nausea.
ANATOY offers a strong heart “STEAM” to Anthony who suffers from mental complex
  • ~6 Inches Tall
  • 9 points of modularity!
  • ABS and PVC 
  • Solid / Well thought out design

Sneakerhead Collection! - Yep that's right your Antoy characters are sneaker heads. Feed their sneakerhead collection and buy all 6 pair that can be worn by any of the 6" characters!

Also available is an extremely limited building, hand cast and painted!

AnaToy Market (ATM) with SAMUEL!

AnaToy Market or ATM is a research center of ANATOY.
Many solutions to overcome complexes are studied and suggested to clients.
It is also called Body-Building.

SAMUEL is our first animal ANATOY. He was broken-hearted and depressed. We introduced a cat to Samuel. And he fell in love with her and bounced back.
Now he couldn’t be happier any more. Meet our lover dog Samuel.

  • 6.25" Tall
  • Hand Cast and Painted
  • Resin
  • LImited to 60pcs Worldwide