Midnight Moon Bat Aurora by Nightly Made x Martian Toys

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Martian Toys is proud to present the newest cutest lil bat you ever saw.

Midnight Moon Bat, Aurora ed.

This original character designed by Megan O'Brien /  @NightlyMade has had a life in plush for years but she's just so cute we thought she needed to exist in vinyl!  Standing peacefully at 4.5" tall displaying her lovely ~5" wingspan, this night time nibbler loves to share space with you anywhere you would like to take her along.  Be it on your shelf, desk, or hanging from a tree or chandelier! With her hooked tail she's grounded or secure everywhere and shares those confident vibes with her best friends

This debut release of Nightly Made's first vinyl figure not only gives us the Aurora colorway but we've all partnered with Kidrobot.com to offer a second colorway Sweet Fang as a simultaneous release!

  • Nightly Made first vinyl production!
  • 4.5" tall by ~5" wide
  •  3 points of contact, both feet and tail
  • Hangs from hooked tail!
  • Edition of 100!
  • CUTE!

 Sugar, spice, & everything night! Megan O'Brien of Nightly Made is a toy maker and illustrator that gives the often deemed “creepy” creatures of the world a cute makeover. While her creations range from spiders to plague doctors, her experience in the wildlife conservation field had a highly misunderstood animal fly into the center of her work: the bat. - Nightly Made



Must purchase approx $50 worth of ARO products to receive "Token"