Abominable Snow Cone ORANGE Flavored by Jason Limon x Martian Toys

$ 125.00

Our 5PointsFest2019 Release has a few left and not only that, Jason Limon was kind enough to sign a few extra for those who couldn't attend.  Hurry and snag em up and hopefully you can get a signed copy!

Wave 2 of The Abominable Snow Cone strikes again at 5pointsFest with a super limited 75 piece run of ORANGE Flavored Snow Cone!

The Abominable Snow Cone is the 3D manifestation of artist, Jason Limon's Cryptidbits series painting by the same name. Imagine a 50 foot Snow Cone monster loose on your neighborhood streets chasing after the ice cream man who imprisoned him in a icy hell for years. This Lime monster is ready to exact revenge on all those bratty kids who bit into his smaller brethren….

The Abominable Snowcone is a 3 piece set: a 7 1/4 inch tall Snowcone Monster, a 2 inch ice cream truck and a handy spoon ready to serve up some icy menace. Comes packed in a blister pack inside a box that designed by Jason Limon.

Winner of Toy of the Year figure.