Donutella & Her Sweet Friends Series 2 by TokiDoki

$ 8.00
Donutella comes from a planet where sugar is used as energy. One day while out scouting the Milky Way for a new fuel source in her donut UFO, Donutella discovered planet Earth. On Earth, Donutella was excited to find a lot of sweets and treats to fuel herself and her people. Almost instantly Donutella realized that it would be much better to start a sweet colony here and invite all of her friends than to go back home. Enter the world of Simone Legno's tokidoki characters with the new Donutella and Her Sweet Friends Series 2 vinyl figures. These confectionary sweet figures will satisfy your craving for cuteness and happiness. Which one will you get? It's a surprise.

Sorry, no choice or returns.
  • Approx. 2 3/4" tall
  • Vinyl
  • Imported